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Pancreatic cancer occurs when an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cell in the pancreas organ. The abnormal cells form a mass called tumor. In advance level, pancreatic tumor has ability to spread to other parts or organs of the body and it is also known as malignant.

Pancreas cancer

Pancreas map

There is two main type of pancreatic cancer. About 95% pancreatic cancer occurs in exocrine gland, a part of pancreas that secrets digestive juice and the rest of 5% occurs in the hormone-producing region, called endocrine gland.

Exocrine pancreatic cancer can occurs in the head, body or tail of the pancreas. If it takes place at head part, it can block on the bile duct and can block pancreatic juice to colon, causing jaundice and related symptoms, meanwhile endocrine pancreatic cancer begin in the hormone-producing part called the endocrine pancreas which are contain islet cells that produce insulin as well as other hormones. Cancer that occurs in endocrine pancreas could bug the hormone production. (more…)


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